Finally, a curriculum to call their own.
If you ask them, preteens would tell you they’re not “in between” anything. They are facing puberty, drugs, sex, acceptance, and self-esteem issues every day. For this reason, they do not need a “sophisticized" children’s curriculum, nor do they need a simplified teen curriculum. FLYTE is a brand-new curriculum that’s all theirs, one that speaks to what they’re dealing with right now—not what’s past or in their future. Preteen experts—namely, preteens themselves—weighed in on the energy, movement, and excitement of FLYTE during its development so that key biblical concepts are not only grasped, but applied, to issues like eating disorders, puberty, sex, bullying, emotions, family relationships, and more. If you’re teaching preteens this year, take FLYTE!
Today, we're going to give you the sample session of FLYTE. I'll help you get through it so that you know exactly how each session is taught...
Wow! I'm pretty impressed with all of the action on the blog yesterday. You guys seem to be a lot like me, longing for a curriculum that will really reach preteens, engage them, and most of all, bring them closer to God.
Check out training videos, helpful articles, and fun videos to help you use FLYTE.